2024 Mar 19 08:51:17
Axxeager: Is this forum active? The last post was in 2023 and the messages here in 2022

2022 May 14 23:59:42
Oldiesmann: They're coming to this part of the country in July. Might have to take the night off work to go see them.

2022 May 14 07:54:02
ISTANDTRUE: I saw Stryper again last night. They still got. Put on an amazing show!

2022 May 13 06:27:36
ISTANDTRUE: Christian Metal Group

2022 May 12 13:44:36
Slickwik: The Slick is in the house!

Verse of the Day

...all the brutality with none of the sin!  Can you ask for more?

Anti-Viper ... just frickin' BRUTAL!

A bit loud for my tastes but great message :)

#2 May 26, 2022, 03:31 PM Last Edit: May 26, 2022, 03:35 PM by FrizzleFried
I know the struggle
Cause I've been in your shoes
And I know my journey
Has led me here to stay
Thru the times I have failed
And those days I felt lost
Then brought me to this place
Saved by the hand of grace
I won't, turn back, no not this time
I paid, my dues, and gave my life
And now, I bow, before the throne
I live, for him, all doubt is gone
One cross, three nails, saved me from hell
One cross, three nails, his love never fails
My scars still bleed to remind me
Of all I have left behind me
And the nights I sat and cried
To the one who bled and died
Crucified, for you and I
Like a lamb, led to slaughter
Sacrificed, for all mankind
So our burdens Rest In Peace
Bridge: RPT
I have found, my redemption
I have found, life eternal
He is the reason that I breathe
He is the reason that I am free
Bridge: RPT

That one's not too bad. I can at least understand what they're saying for the most part (which is one of the things I don't like about some of the more extreme genres)