2024 Mar 19 08:51:17
Axxeager: Is this forum active? The last post was in 2023 and the messages here in 2022

2022 May 14 23:59:42
Oldiesmann: They're coming to this part of the country in July. Might have to take the night off work to go see them.

2022 May 14 07:54:02
ISTANDTRUE: I saw Stryper again last night. They still got. Put on an amazing show!

2022 May 13 06:27:36
ISTANDTRUE: Christian Metal Group

2022 May 12 13:44:36
Slickwik: The Slick is in the house!

Verse of the Day

Every forum needs one of these topics :D

Currently listening to new music from The Union of Sinners & Saints.

One of my absolute favorites from 3 Days Under...

Cannot get better than this

One of my favorites from ApologetiX.

"Jesus Wept" by Demon Hunter

More great metalcore. "Collapse" by War of Ages

Another favorite of mine, this time from Finland.

Great song. One of my favorite bands currently

Great song from Skillet's latest album